Bridging industry gaps

  • The quality of products that go into your game are only part of the equation. The way your set is built is absolutely critical to consistent performance and is something we take very seriously here at New Level. Every set that we assemble is done to the tightest possible tolerances and consistencies; something you would pay thousands for at some facilities and is only being done by major OEM's Tour Departments that consumers don't have access to. We are players building a brand for players at a fair price.
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  • Let us forge you a set and help position you to win your next tournament, beat your weekend crew or simply to continue to improve your game.


  • Tour Truck Quality

    When you hop on a Tour Truck at a PGA or LPGA tour event, you'll see nothing but the best equipment to ensure their fine work is not compromised. At New Level, we invest greatly into high quality tools and materials to ensure our builds are second to none.

  • Component QA

    We work with some of the best brands in the business for shafts grips, glue etc. However, we leave nothing to chance and thoroughly inspect all components for quality. We stand by our products and expect our partners to do the same if an issue is ever encountered. We have an incredible track record of delivering flawless builds for our clients.

  • Details Matter

    Before beginning builds, we ensure your shaft frequencies are consistent across each club. We remeasure all shafts after trimming to ensure accuracy before finishing. Swing weight is checked after each club is trimmed and head weights are changed as needed to match within .5 swing weight point on every club in your set. Graphite shafts are meticulously prepped to ensure bondage and avoid damage. To top it all off, we use the highest qualify epoxy available in the industry enabling us to get your clubs to you as quickly as possible.