The 480 Series

Known for ultimate performance and unmatched feel, New Level irons are crafted from the highest quality carbon steel and built by highly trained master builders. We firmly believe that a built iron should maintain the same quality as the highly engineered head; this is why we never skip a step in our build process. Ensuring your clubs perform when you need them most. Get ready to #LevelUp

TC (Tour Cavity)

Born from the platform of our award & championship winning 623-CB, the new 480-TC includes a weight port added to the cavity at an angle, bringing more mass, closer to the face. This effectively enhances the sweet spot and enables the ability to add balanced perimeter weighting for the ultimate balance of control and forgiveness: All while touting New Level's legendary forged feel.

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DB (Dynamic Balance)

The 902 series has been a popular choice among players worldwide for many years. Our award-winning 902-OS was difficult to surpass, so instead of trying to improve it, we opted for a different approach. The 480-DB has a slightly larger profile compared to the 480-TC and is similar to the 902-OS. However, with an enhanced cavity design for improved forgiveness and an angled weight port for superior customization, the 480-TC has reduced offset and weaker lofts compared to the 902-OS. In testing, we observed minimal decreases in distance and ball speed. Despite its larger platform, the thin top line and player-oriented sole of the 480-DB make it feel like a true player's iron.

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A compact players iron featuring a weight port centered directly behind the hitting area making this iron one of the best feeling clubs ever designed. This weight port gives our master-builders the ultimate control over your finished swing weight; whether you know what you prefer or are trusting us to build it to a comfortable weight. Changing this weight has minimal affects on launch and spin data and is not intended to be changed by the player.

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623-M Dead Golfer Edition

In 2023, we worked closely with the incredible team at TRUElinkswear to create our very first special edition collab. The 623-M was New Level's first iron played on professional tours and is still a favorite of those who put it in the bag, making it the perfect iron for this limited release. 

A collectors item or your new gamers, get ready to #LEVELUP. 

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