A New Level Story - Ryan Moore Finds His Player's Iron

A New Level Story - Ryan Moore Finds His Player's Iron

Story Updated 7/17/2023

*On 7/11/2023 Ryan Moore decided to go back to the 623-MB irons highlighted in this story. Our Master Builder assembled his backup set at noon on Tuesday and delivered them to his hotel Wednesday morning. RyMo felt so comfortable he played the irons and propelled himself to a T-14 finish at -16 for the week: his second best performance of the season.

A few years ago, PGA Tour Winner Ryan Moore was searching for a new set of irons as he was leaving an equipment contract. If you follow Ryan, you may know that he has always been a player who isn’t chasing distance or flash or the newest technology. He grew up when forgings were reaching their technological peak and saw that simplicity performed as consistently as anything they were trying to reimagine. Moore was part of PXG’s tour team as the brand was getting it’s footing but ultimately turned out not to be a fit. 

As his search for new irons began, Moore saw a set of the New Level 623s muscle back irons in one of the nation's leading fitting facilities. The modern classic design immediately had his interest yet his fitter steered him away from the irons. New Level was just getting involved as a major OEM and rather than testing for himself, the fitter had negative predispositions. New Level was fairly new on the scene and being a small company, creating their own designs made it difficult to build brand awareness quickly. However, Ryan had been involved and intrigued by the smaller brands his entire life. He left the fitting without committing to irons from any major OEM and set out to explore New Level. 

Ryan reached out to us and immediately felt comfortable with our approach. There is only so much that can be done with a forged iron and every company has tested everything. New Level studied that research and created designs intended for precision, playability and unmatched feel. The team built him a set of the 623's and Moore quickly put them in play on the PGA Tour. 

Around this same time, Steven Alker had been testing New Level irons as well and if you follow golf at all, you know how that has shaken out. In recent years, we have had interest, testing and appearances from professionals all of the world. We are incredibly excited to see New Level continue to emerge as an elite OEM that players of all levels and ages are turning to. We can’t wait to continue to bring you our precision forgings, our TOUR Truck build process and DTC prices. 

Players all around the world, including the best in the world, are choosing New Level. Are you?