The all new SPN series was meticulously designed for players facing all types of conditions. Our 3 grind offerings simplify the options and fit a wide range of wedge playing styles. You'll hear us talk more about grind than bounce, because bounce is only relevant if you talk about grind. Read more below to choose your perfect wedge setup. As always, bundle and save with 2 wedges for $260 and 3 for $360. #LevelUp

SS (Standard Sole)

Part of our updated SPN Series, The SPN-SS features a class "standard sole" that mimics what you see on a pitching wedge. This sole design is intended for players who do not manipulate the face and are most often hitting their wedges with a square face at address; or tend to get steep with wedges. Offered in a full range of lofts, the SS keeps it simple.

VS (Versatile Sole)

VS = Versatile Sole. Perfect for players who like to manipulate the face around the greens yet still perfectly suitable for the square faced shot. This wedge has more heel, toe and trailing edge relief than our SPN-SS. With 4 different available lofts, we built this one with tons of flexibility to give you the ability to get creative in your shot making while maintaining a traditional wedge design. .


Our first ever "Full-Faced" wedge release, the FF is built for players who love hitting those creative shots around the greens with ultimate spin control. Ever have that touchy downhill chip that seems impossible? Sometimes you want to intentionally hit that off the toe to kill ball speed without sacrificing SPN which would otherwise wouldn't get on a traditional wedge. 


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