We are incredibly excited to introduce our Grow the Game Program here at New Level
Golf Co. While our goal is to support players striving for their best, that starts with people of all ages getting started with the game. With our new GGP program, if you donate a set of New Level irons to a youth organization like Youth-On-Course, US Kids Golf, First Tee, a local high school, or state golf association, we will give you a credit (up to $150) toward a new set of irons. (Goodwill, Savers and other retail or 2nd hand resale organizations do not apply.)


How it works:

Head to newlevelgolf.com and complete your purchase of your new gear. Once you receive
it, simply donate your old gear (that is still in good condition), collect a detailed receipt from the organization that includes the organization’s name, your
name, the date of the donation and the items being donated.
You must also send a picture of the clubs being donated at the facility you are donating them.


Once you have the receipt and photo in hand, send it to us within 30 days of the donation by email it to generalinquiry@newlevelgolf.com. Once we review the donation, we will credit your payment method with a rebate.


Full Sets (6 or more clubs donated & purchased)

• $150 rebate if donating New Level Clubs
• $100 non-New Level iron sets


Less than 6 clubs (donated and purchased) *minimum of 3 clubs

• $50

Thank you for helping us grow the game! We can’t wait to get your next set in your hands!




**New Level staff reserves the right to refuse to honor this program at any time after
reviewing donations. Donations that are abused and rendered unplayable will
immediately be discarded from consideration.